Fuse animals together using the trusty Fuse-O-Matic. Provide your town with your fused creations. Receive reviews for providing the correct animal combinations in time, Can you run a 5 star farm?

Color palette is #res64 by Kerrie Lake.


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Chickens with different heads everywhere xD i really love it would be nice to have more

Super interesting idea. I had a fun time playing. Figuring out how to make chicken bodied animals was fun.

The Good:

  • I enjoyed trying to get my breeding economy up and running.
  • Discovering how to use the Fuse-O-Matic was enjoyable.
  • The sprites were colorful and fun to look at!

The Bad:

  • I didn’t get enough time to start a proper breeding program.
  • Time limit on the delivery was a challenge, but might have been to much of a challenge since orders of more than one didn’t seem to scale. It felt like the amount of time was the same for larger orders. I am just a one man shop. How am I supposed to fulfill those orders ;).

Yeah I shortened the play time to be easier for reviewers to play though, the balance is a bit off.

That is very much understandable. Glad to see your still at it.